The choice of a field of activity should be made according to your profile and motivations, in order to make the most of your entrepreneurial skills.
The first recommended step is to go to franchise fairs and events.
The financial aspect is an essential step, especially by determining the value of your personal contribution and the investment you want to dedicate to this project.

Choose your franchise brand carefully

It is very important to choose the brand carefully when deciding to invest in a franchise. There are several factors you should consider, such as the popularity of the brand, their track record of success in the industry, and their reputation among consumers. Additionally, you should carefully review the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement to make sure you are comfortable with the obligations and responsibilities involved. You should also carefully research the company's background and consult with other franchisees in the network to gain a broader perspective on their experiences. Finally, it's important to make sure you have the financial resources and skills to manage a successful franchise business under that brand umbrella.

Choose your domain and concept carefully. It is possible to analyze options from several business sectors. It is important to study and know several brands before making your project.


To help you in your choice, the Romanian Franchise Association organizes conferences and seminars like ReThink Franchise and soon the IFBE franchise fair (International Franchise and Branding Exhibition). These events bring together franchise managers and prospective franchisees.

Is it important to meet members of a franchise network before purchasing that franchise brand?
It is very important to meet the members of a franchise network before purchasing that franchise brand. This meeting could be a great opportunity to gain a broader perspective on the experiences of other franchisees and learn more about how the franchise business works.

In this meeting, you can ask specific questions about the franchise and learn how other franchisees have addressed certain challenges or issues. You can also get direct and honest feedback from those who already run such a business and learn more about the type of support and training that the franchisor company offers.

In general, interacting with members of the franchise network can be an important step in making an informed decision about purchasing a franchise brand and can help set realistic expectations for running such a business.

Participate in the FRANCHISE MANAGER training courses organized by ARF.

The specific training of the franchisee can be demonstrated by a certificate of completion of a specialized course, organized by ARF, corresponding to the type of certificate requested, with a minimum duration of 20 hours. The purpose of the course is to update the professional training of specialists, in the context of implementation and the alignment of national legislation with the European one, the deepening and synthesis of general theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of franchising, as well as the implementation of a continuous training process.

The theoretical training will take place mostly online.
The recapitulation and graduation exam will be held after the end of the professional training program, in our classrooms, or online/

At the same time, keep in mind that the franchisor or master franchisee is obliged to train your specialist staff through professional training courses. As a rule, after the practice sessions, the franchisor / master franchisee will issue a diploma or certificate of completion.

Attending franchise manager training courses can be extremely beneficial in developing the skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage a franchise business. These courses aim to prepare managers to manage all aspects involved in running a franchise business, including branding, marketing, operations, finance and human resources.

Overall, active involvement in the training process can help develop a greater ability to successfully manage a franchise business and increase the chances of long-term success.