The Romanian Franchise Association represents the interests of the Romanian franchising industry. It was founded in 2006, its headquarters are in Bucharest - Romania and it received status as a public utility on July 28, 2015, by government decision.

The quality community of members represents both franchisors and franchisees. The Romanian Franchise Association is a service provider for its members and offers them numerous services and benefits.

The main concern of the association is to represent the interests of the franchise industry from an economic, social and political point of view. Îas a whole, the association pursues a variety of  tasks and goals.




Only a successful and well-tested business model can be multiplied in the long term. Rapid and comprehensive growth is the strength of professionally managed franchise systems, as franchisors and franchisees work together systematically and continuously to perfect the business model. When setting up a franchise system, the protection of the brand and the continuous further development of the service package for franchisees must be ensured from the very beginning.

Clear rules for lasting relationships

Clearly defined rules are the basis for the long-term success of franchisors and franchisees. Both parties benefit equally from their willingness to enter into a binding, honest and long-term partnership. The franchisor provides the business framework, the franchisee acts as a multiplier. Through an open, transparent and interactive approach, both are continuously working on the further development of the system and the brand image.

Our mission: creating entrepreneurship îin partnership
Based on these values, the central mission for the Romanian franchise industry is born: we create successful entrepreneurship through sustainable multiplication.

Our vision: Strengthening the franchise as a quality brand.
Franchising is the first choice for replicable business models. It is the brand for successful entrepreneurship with a firm place in all sectors. Because the franchise is industry independent and versatile. This diversity makes you strong and needs community. As a franchise business, acting together and representing common values is essential. Thus, the Franchise becomes a strong, credible and trustworthy brand, which is recognized and appreciated in business and society.
The values and rules summarized in accordance with the code of ethics of the  Romanian Franchise Association serve these objectives. 



The main task of the Romanian Franchise Association is to represent the interests of its members from an economic, social and political point of view. The association maintains close ties with the Ministry of Economy, the Romanian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the National Employment Agency, prestigious universities in Romania, the COMMISSIONS of the Chamber of Deputies with which the organization collaborates:


 At the European level, intensive work is being done to increase awareness of the problems and concerns of the franchise industry in Romania. In addition, the Romanian Franchise Association actively supports both members and other franchisors in gaining access to international markets.

Other important objectives of the Romanian Franchise Association are the sustainable and positive promotion of the level of awareness and the image of the professional franchise in Romania. In addition, the association constantly supports the creation of new jobs, as well as training and continuing education, which the franchise association actively promotes.


The Romanian Franchise Association actively involves its member companies in the association's activity. The goal is to use the practical knowledge of franchising systems for the association's activity at the political, economic and public level and thus to align them closely with the reality of the franchise economy. Î for this purpose, the following committees were established:

  • Digitalization and innovation (Digi-Tank)
  • Franchise purchase
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Quality and Ethics
  • Focus group

Îin addition, the franchise association promotes focused industry exchange. For this purpose, two focus groups have been established, which currently deal with system gastronomy, trade and social franchising topics and identify current opportunities as well as challenges and discuss them in committee with the aim of provide specific systems with a platform for industrial exchanges.



Quality standards and their compliance are the pillars of the work of the Romanian Franchise Association. The basis of this work is the code of ethics, which defines the concept of franchising correctly.

System verification serves the quality management of the full members of the Romanian Franchise Association. You will receive well-founded information about your franchise system that you can use for future corporate strategic decisions. With the successful completion of the system check, you position yourself as a professional and sustainable franchise system and stand out from other providers in the competition for new franchisees. The quality mark of the Rormane Franchise Association underlines this position and can be used for corporate communication and advertising campaigns.

Independent assessment/benchmarking:
Your company receives an independent evaluation by an independent, neutral evaluation company with scientific support from the Romanian Franchise Association. You will learn how the structures in your system are doing. This knowledge allows you valuable benchmarking.
Future viability:
the check shows you how the continuous development of your concept is and therefore its future viability. As a franchisor, you thus fulfill your task of constantly developing the system further. You can document this aspect, among others, to existing franchisees.
Franchise Purchase:
aspiring franchisees appreciate the check as a quality criterion and decide more easily on a partnership.
Easier financing:
experience has shown that financial institutions are more likely to finance potential franchise partners if the company has completed the system check. Specifically, thanks to the cooperation with guarantee banks, financing from full members with system verification is preferred.
Recommendation through multipliers:
start-up centers and chambers of commerce generally recommend franchise companies that have the seal of association to those who want to set up a franchise business.
Regular membership in the Romanian Franchise Association is highlighted in the association's publications and on the ARF franchise portals.