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Already have an established business?

Congratulations! You should be proud. Building a successful business is a real stage of creativity and commitment. So now, what about the future? Growing your business through franchising could offer a very attractive alternative to organic growth, but it's not an overnight process. That's why we're here to help you every step of the way.

Franchisor's success journey starts with ARF

The Romanian Franchise Association (ARF) is the ideal partner for any entrepreneur who wants to expand his business through franchising. ARF provides know-how, experience and comprehensive support to companies seeking to become ethical and successful franchisors.
Sign up for the Franchise Your Business seminar organized by ARF to fully understand the advantages of franchising - a sustainable and profitable method of business expansion that can bring your brand nationally. You will learn from franchising experts how to prepare your business for franchising and how to find the right partners.
Check if your business model is suitable for franchising
To become a successful franchisor, you must be dedicated to teaching others how your business works - from branding, training, tools and equipment, to know-how. Thus, future franchisees will be able to successfully replicate your business model in other locations.
Franchising requires investment but brings long-term returns
Of course, expansion through franchising requires initial costs - drawing up contracts, operations manuals, adapting the company structure, recruiting and training franchisees. But in the long run, franchising is much more profitable than organic business expansion. And it can bring you a substantial profit when you decide to sell the franchise.
Total commitment to franchisees - the key to success
Not all franchisees have previous business experience. That's why it's essential to provide them with constant support - from the start of the business until it gets off the ground. This is the only way to ensure that your franchise will grow sustainably and ethically. And franchisees will be the best brand ambassadors.

Join ARF for complete counseling

If you have decided that franchising is right for your business, ARF stands by you with a whole network of accredited advisors - lawyers, financial and franchise consultants, media partners, etc. We will guide you without hesitation on the way to a successful, ethical and sustainable franchise.

Join the ARF community for ongoing know-how

By joining the ARF, you demonstrate to the Romanian franchise community your commitment to sustainable business expansion practices. You will have access to valuable learning resources and be able to connect with other professionals to exchange experiences.
It is an investment in the future of your company that you can always capitalize on by selling the franchise. ARF helps you build solid foundations from the start to maximize long-term value.