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There is nothing like franchising to realize your business ambitions. If you already have a successful brand, allowing others to buy it is a proven way to accelerate business growth. Or, if you're dreaming of going into business for the first time, opening your doors under an established name can help you get off to a successful start.

We've been here for over 18 years, helping entrepreneurs of all kinds make vital contacts. Supporting and educating franchisors and franchisees at every stage of their development, from newcomers to household names, setting the highest ethical standards to ensure everyone is treated fairly.

Romanian Franchise Association

The Romanian Franchise Association, Public Utility Association puts all its expertise at the service of its members and accompanies them to always be on trend with the evolution of the franchise market.
If you are a member of Romanian Franchise Association (ARF), we will offer you the best platform to position your business in the Franchising sector in Romania. We are your trusted educational partner and offer a full suite of different events to support all your learning and development needs as part of the Academic Program – franchise training program. We are passionate about factors that provide good business practices and enable an ethical turnkey business for our members. We pride ourselves on supporting our members every step of the way in developing ethical, sustainable and profitable businesses.
The potential of Eastern Europe, in general, and of Romania, in particular, is one that cannot be neglected by international franchise networks. The attractiveness comes from both the local specifics of consumption and the virginity of the local franchise market. In addition, the development of large commercial centers allowed their rapid implantation in a favorable environment. The signals coming from international turnkey businesses are getting stronger, a sign that the attractiveness of the Romanian market is continuously growing.

Law 179/2019 - the legal regime of the franchise 

Amending and supplementing Government Ordinance no. 52/1997 regarding the legal regime of the franchise, as well as for the amendment of art. 7 point 15 of Law no. 227/2015 regarding the Fiscal Code

Article III

(1) Within 60 days from the entry into force of this law, the Romanian Franchise Association, a public utility association, establishes the National Franchise Register in which the information provided by franchisors through the information disclosure document is registered. Franchisors have the opportunity to register the disclosure document in the National Franchise Registry free of charge.


The subject of franchising - the questions asked by those interested in this subject are correspondingly diverse:

What exactly is the franchise?
How to become a franchisee?
What are the pros and cons of franchising?
How can you finance your entry into the franchise?
Can you also participate in a franchise system without equity?
Answers to these and many other questions await you here, in the "Franchise knowledge" section of the Romanian Franchise Association. Here we have collected the most important information on the topic of franchises for you - both for entrepreneurs who want to become freelancers as franchisees, and for entrepreneurs who want to expand their successful business concept as a franchisor.


A brand is a symbol, name, image or other form of identification that differentiates a company's products or services from those of its competitors. It can be used to create an emotional connection between consumers and a company's products so that they choose them over others. A strong brand can help build brand loyalty and be an important factor in a company's success.

Pilot unit

In a franchise system, the pilot unit is an original business location that is owned and operated by the franchisor company. This serves as a model for the other franchise locations to be opened. The pilot facility can be used to test the business concept, products and services, as well as to develop the processes and systems necessary to provide a consistent experience across the franchise network. It can also be used to coach and train new franchisees and ensure brand quality across the network.

Disclosure Document

The Disclosure Document, also known as the DDI (Disclosure of Information Document), is a legal document that the franchisor company provides to potential franchisees prior to signing the franchise agreement. The document contains important information about the franchise business, including mandatory initial and ongoing costs, rights and responsibilities of franchisees, and details of the franchise system's financial history and performance. In general, the disclosure document is intended to provide prospective franchisees with all the information necessary to make an informed decision about purchasing a franchise and to reduce the risks associated with their investment.

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