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Franchisor Manager Courses

Franchisor Manager Courses 

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Franchisor Manager Courses   

Franchisor Manager Courses, this qualification reflects the role of individuals who act as franchisors. A franchisor licenses trademarks, and tried and proven methods of doing business to a franchisee in exchange for a recurring payment, and usually a percentage piece of gross sales or gross profits as well as the annual fees. Franchising is one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow your business or start a new business. If you are looking to buy a franchise or have already started a franchise business then this Franchising course will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a franchisee and help you develop strategies that will help your business  to grow. It is important to understand that not every business should be franchised. It is equally important that, when you decide to become a franchisor, you do so in a way that maximizes the unique character of your business. Successful franchisors are rarely the product of a packaged approach, as each element of your franchise system should be developed in a way that supports your franchisees so that they can deliver consistently to your Brand Promise.

*** Courses are in English 

Franchisor Manager Courses  Course Description

Module courses

  1. Establish a franchise operation 
  2. Manage a franchise operation 
  3. Manage establishment of new sites or regions 
  4. Manage relationships with franchisees 
  5. Manage closure of a franchise 
  6. Manage quality customer service 
  7. Manage budgets and financial plans 
  8. Manage an information or knowledge management system 
  9. Develop a workplace learning environment 
  10. Manage people performance 
  11. Facilitate continuous improvement 
  12. Manage operational plan 
  13. Undertake project work 
  14. Manage risk 
  15. Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability 
  16. Ensure a safe workplace 
  17. Manage personal work priorities and professional development 
  18. Lead and manage team effectiveness

Franchisor Manager Courses - Extract from the course curricula

Elements and Performance Criteria

Unit Sector

Management and Leadership – Franchising

Establish a franchise operation 

Elements describe the essential outcomes. Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1 Research feasibility of establishing a franchise operation

1.1 Undertake research into franchising models

1.2 Analyse existing business or planned concept to determine opportunity for expansion into franchise operation, seeking assistance as required

1.3 Undertake market research on product or service

1.4 Complete business plan for franchise operation

1.5 Complete marketing plan for franchise operation

1.6 Determine financial viability of proposed franchise operation

2 Plan for establishment of a franchise operation

2.1 Secure financial backing for franchise operation

2.2 Complete documentation of franchising operation according to legislative and regulatory requirements

2.3 Define and document the roles and responsibilities of franchisor and franchisees

2.4 Develop and document policies and procedures for franchisees and franchisors

2.5 Determine and document resources required to commence franchise operation

2.6 Develop and document recruitment, support and monitoring processes for franchise operation

3 Implement plan for establishment of a franchise operation

3.1 Undertake marketing of franchise operation

3.2 Identify franchisees and formalise agreements

3.3 Assist franchisees in developing a business and marketing plan

3.4 Obtain resources to implement franchise operation

3.5 Support and coordinate franchise operation

3.6 Monitor franchise operation in accordance with agreement

4 Review implementation process

4.1 Develop and implement a process to review the start-up of a franchise operation

4.2 Evaluate practices used in start-up to identify improvements

4.3 Implement identified improvements to all documented policies, procedures and practices

Manage a franchise operation

Elements describe the essential outcomes. Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1 Establish procedures for managing a franchise operation

1.1 Determine obligations of both parties under franchising agreement

1.2 Develop procedures for ensuring compliance with franchising obligations and legislative requirements

1.3 Develop and communicate reporting requirements of franchisees

2 Implement procedures for managing a franchise operation

2.1 Implement procedures for franchises to ensure compliance with franchising obligations and legislative requirements

2.2 Identify instances of non-compliance and act upon them in conjunction with franchises

2.3 Monitor reports from franchises for completeness, accuracy and timeliness of submission

2.4 Identify potential disputes with franchises and take action to resolve potential disputes before they eventuate

2.5 Resolve disputes that eventuate and reach an agreed settlement within established procedures as documented in the Franchising Code of Conduct

3 Review a franchise operation

3.1 Use monitoring of franchises to inform review process for franchise operation

3.2 Identify improvements in franchise operation and management of franchises from monitoring franchises’ business operations

3.3 Make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the franchise operation and individual franchises

Manage establishment of new sites or regions 

Elements describe the essential outcomes. Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1 Identify opportunities for new franchise sites or regions

1.1 Access franchise organisation’s strategic plan for expansion of franchise operation to determine opportunities for new sites or regions

1.2 Make analysis from closures of existing sites or regions and other industry data to identify opportunities for new sites or regions

1.3 Undertake market research to identify opportunities for new sites or regions

1.4 Obtain agreement on new sites and regions from senior management

1.5 Confirm and document opportunities for new sites or regions within franchisor’s policies

2 Select new franchisees

2.1 Supply applicants for new sites or regions with requirements for establishing a franchise

2.2 Check each applicant’s suitability and ability to meet franchisor’s requirements in consultation with applicants and franchise operation’s management

2.3 Evaluate each applicant’s business planning documents for suitability

3 Assist potential franchisees with establishing new franchise

3.1 Assist potential franchisees with completion of business and marketing plans

3.2 Clarify issues raised in relation to operation of the franchise with potential franchisees

3.3 Assist potential franchisees with obtaining required permits, site selection and financing options

3.4 Communicate and clarify with potential franchisees, marketing or other cooperative funds, intellectual property rights and rights to client database

3.5 Determine physical and human resources required for commencement of franchise in conjunction with potential franchisee

4 Formalise agreement with new franchisee/s

4.1 Make checks to ensure franchisee/s meet all requirements for entering into franchise agreement

4.2 Complete agreement with new franchisee/s and obtain necessary signatures

4.3 Determine date for commencement of franchise/s

5 Assist franchisee/s in opening new franchise

5.1 Assist franchisee/s obtain required physical and human resources to commence operations

5.2 Assist franchisee/s obtain required products to commence operations

5.3 Determine and implement responsibilities of franchisor as per franchise agreement

5.4 Provide assistance to franchisee/s to determine and implement strategies and processes to meet franchisee obligations and legislative requirements as per franchise agreement and to manage the franchise

5.5 Monitor ability to commence franchise operations on due date in conjunction with franchisee/s

5.6 Determine training needs of franchisee/s and facilitate required training

5.7 Resolve problems arising in setting up franchise to commence business operations in conjunction with franchisee/s

5.8 Commence operations of new site or region within specified timeframes and within parameters set down by franchisor

Manage relationships with franchisees

Elements describe the essential outcomes. Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1 Establish relationship with franchisees

1.1 Establish franchisee advisory council and other communication channels to link franchisee and franchisor to inform best practice and support franchisees and franchise operations

1.2 Determine and implement own role on franchisee advisory council

1.3 Determine and clarify own role and responsibilities as franchisor’s representative

1.4 Establish schedule of contact with franchisees

1.5 Hold initial meetings with franchisees to initiate ongoing relationships

1.6 Discuss and clarify roles and responsibilities of franchisor and franchisee with franchisees at initial meetings

2 Facilitate customer service provision to franchisees

2.1 Schedule and facilitate services to be provided to franchisees as per agreement

2.2 Negotiate and facilitate needs for additional services

2.3 Manage marketing or other cooperative funds according to documented agreements with franchisees

2.4 Resolve problems arising in service provision with franchisees in line with documented complaint handling procedures as specified in the Franchising Code of Conduct

2.5 Maintain currency of information relating to services provided through franchisor

3 Provide advice to franchisees

3.1 Monitor business activity of franchisees

3.2 Provide specific advice to franchisees through required training

3.3 Clarify requests for advice from franchisees and provide appropriate responses

3.4 Undertake research to inform advice to be provided

3.5 Provide timely, accurate advice in a manner that promotes acceptance of that advice

3.6 Ensure follow up with franchisee to ensure advice is understood and appropriate responses are made by franchisee

4 Review management of relationship with franchisees

4.1 Monitor relationships with franchisees for customer satisfaction

4.2 Review strategies and practices to manage relationship with franchisees to identify improvements

4.3 Implement identified improvements in managing relationships with franchisees

Manage closure of a franchise 

Elements describe the essential outcomes. Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1 Investigate and implement alternatives to closure

1.1 Discuss, document and analyse reasons for closure with relevant stakeholders

1.2 Use lessons learned from previous franchise closures and potential franchise closures to arrive at alternative strategies

1.3 Research and negotiate alternative strategies to closure with franchisee and relevant third parties

1.4 Assess feasibility of transferring franchise to new franchisee

1.5 Implement, where feasible, alternative arrangements to closure including transfer

2 Determine roles and responsibilities in closure or transfer of franchisee

2.1 Determine roles and responsibilities of all parties in closure or transfer in line with the Franchising Code of Conduct

2.2 Negotiate process for effecting closure or transfer with relevant stakeholders and document in the form of a plan

2.3 Allocate responsibilities for effecting closure or transfer

2.4 Negotiate closing date or transfer date for franchise with relevant stakeholders

3 Implement plan for closure or transfer

3.1 Communicate closing date or transfer date for franchise to relevant stakeholders

3.2 Carry out disposal of assets according to plan or transfer them to new franchisee

3.3 Facilitate financial settlements with financial institutions or franchisor’s financial officers or debt collectors

3.4 Implement arrangements for closure or transfer in consultation with customers

3.5 Dispose of intellectual property including client database according to agreement between franchisor and franchisee

3.6 Undertake checks to ensure the process for closure or transfer has been completed according to plan

4 Review implications for franchise operations

4.1 Analyse implications for franchise operations from review of closure or transfer

4.2 Identify and recommend improvements to franchise operations and management of franchises

Franchisor Manager Courses