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Franchise solicitor – lawyer

franchise solicitor

ROMANIAN FRANCHISE ASSOCIATION is an association of public utility

Need a franchise solicitor / lawyer?

 Franchise lawyers can assist on all franchise matters! Entering into a franchise agreement is a big decision. It’s vital that you have the franchise agreement and any related disclosure documents reviewed by a lawyer with expertise in the field of franchising. An experienced franchise solicitor will be able to provide you with specialist advice and will know whether or not the franchise agreement is one that follows a typical franchise format, compliant with Romanian law or if appropriate, European law and the relevant code of ethics.

 A franchise solicitor will outline the rights and obligations which apply to the franchisee and explain what is expected of the franchisor and ensure that it has all been appropriately documented in the agreement. Franchise solicitors are also able to assist in any dispute resolution that may be necessary having an in-depth knowledge of franchising and the most effective way of resolving disputes. The list of solicitor acredited by Romanian Franchise Association  includes a number of corporate lawyers with particular expertise and experience in both drafting and reviewing franchise agreements. Each of these lawyers has experience working on franchise related matters for large Romanian law firms, meaning they can provide high quality, expert advice. Just fill out the contact form to get in touch!

What does a Franchise Lawyer do?

Franchise lawyers primarily assist in two main tasks; drafting the legal documentation needed to set up a franchise, and reviewing franchise agreements. Drafting the legal documentation to set up a franchise is clearly a significant undertaking, and this will generally take a franchise lawyer a month or so to complete. The process will involve a lengthy consultation with the business owner setting up the franchise, followed by an extensive drafting process where the franchise agreement, disclosure document, and other related documents are drafted. It will usually take the business owner and franchise lawyer a few weeks to finalise the documentation. Reviewing a franchise agreement and disclosure document on behalf of a franchisee is the second task that franchise lawyers regularly undertake.

Good Reasons Franchise Buyers Need A Lawyer

The lawyer reads the documents and explains. Attorneys are familiar with the terminology, recognizing standard conditions and clauses and alert to red flags when there are unusual demands or missing critical items. The size and extent of the sales territory you are granted is critical to protect you from undue competition. The lawyer clarifies the extent of your dominion, determining the geographical area and demographics you’re granted for your outlet. How many miles is its radius? Are the boundaries guaranteed? What exclusivity or protection is granted? Do you have the right to relocate if your lease expires or if your shop turns out to be in a bad business location? Franchise attorney  insists you have to keep your eyes wide open–and two sets of eyes are better than one. Typically a franchisee has already identified a franchise concept and fallen in love. At that stage, it is very useful to have someone who is detached review the agreement and look at the system non-emotionally to be sure you understand the commitment you are facing. Once you’ve decided to go ahead and buy the business, the lawyer oversees the paperwork before you sign, preparing the asset or stock purchase agreement along with other documents that may be required: letter of intent, opinion of counsel, escrow agreements, promissory notes and non-compete agreements.

Negotiating With Other Parties

In setting up a business, you’re apt to be hiring contractors, arranging deliveries with suppliers, employing staff. A lawyer helps work out the stipulations and clarifies responsibilities. For instance, when you’re leasing a business site, a lawyer may alert you to require language that ensures you’re allowed to post signs and logos on the property.

Managing Dispute Avoidance and Conflict Resolution

 Despite the care taken in drafting agreements, franchises are ongoing relationships–and disputes do arise. Some common issues calling for litigation include lying about earnings, failing to provide ongoing training and support, terminating the franchise and enforcing post-term obligations. In starting you’re search for a lawyer, word of mouth can be a very effective first step, so ask friends and colleagues for referrals Then, do some research on the Internet. Besides legal firms specializing in franchise law, potential franchisees also can consult with search firms and brokers that specialize in matching up franchisors and franchisees.

Franchise solicitor

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