Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

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 Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

franchise Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management

Course description – Average Duration: 1 Year | Franchise course

Travel and Tourism Management this qualification reflects the role of highly skilled senior operators who use a broad range of tourism or travel skills combined with managerial skills and sound knowledge of industry operations to coordinate travel or tourism operations. They operate independently, have responsibility for others, and make a range of operational business decisions.

This qualification provides a pathway to work in many travel and tourism industry sectors as a departmental or small business manager. The diversity of employers includes travel agencies, tour wholesalers, tour operators, inbound tour operators, tourist attractions, visitor information centres, and other tourism businesses.

Possible job titles include:

  • inbound groups manager
  • inbound sales manager
  • incentives manager
  • tour operations manager
  • marketing manager
  • product development manager
  • reservations manager
  • travel agency manager
  • sales manager
  • visitor information centre manager.

No occupational licensing, certification or specific legislative requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

If you work in an area where you need a sound knowledge of the travel and tourism industry and some up-to-date management skills, then the Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management should be on your wish list.
Skills in the tourism and travel industry – for both corporate and private purposes – are in ever-increasing demand  across the world. Now is a good time to engage and expand your passion for travel, build your skills or get recognition of your existing skills for an accelerated career.
Learn all about exciting  international travel destinations, the finer points of client communication and customer service, how to book and produce travel documentation and how to master computerised reservations systems. At diploma level you will also gain considerable knowledge about supervisory and management skills, ready to lead a team in this dynamic industry when the time is right.
Manage diversity in the workplace

  • Source and use information on the tourism and travel industry
  • Enhance the customer service experiences
  • Develop and manage quality customer service practices
  • Manage conflict
  • Interpret financial information
  • Manage finances within a budget
  • Prepare and monitor budgets
  • Lead and manage people
  • Monitor work operations
  • Establish and conduct business relationships
  • Implement and monitor work health and safety practices
  • Access and interpret product information
  • Provide advice on international destinations
  • Sell tourism products and services
  • Prepare quotations
  • Process reservations
  • Book supplier products and services
  • Process travel-related documentation
  • Use a computerised reservations or operations system
  • Source airfares for domestic flights
  • Construct normal international airfares
  • Construct promotional international airfares
  • Construct advanced international airfares
  • Provide visitor information
  • Load touring equipment and supplies
  • Provide outdoor catering
  • Set up and operate a camp site
  • Manage meetings
  • Make a presentation
  • Write complex documents
  • Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Process accounts payable and receivable
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Provide first aid
  • Use hygienic practices for food safety
  • Roster staff
  • Recruit, select and induct staff
  • Monitor staff performance
  • Manage risk
  • Manage projects
  • Profile the market
  • Create a promotional display or stand
  • Plan and implement sales activities
  • Coordinate marketing activities
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies
  • Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks

Requirements | Franchise Travel Management

  • You are required to either be in paid employment or do volunteer work in a workplace in order to complete the practical aspects of the Diploma of Tourism.
  • The workplace you select must provide you with the opportunity to do a range of tasks, such as liaising with clients, managing customer bookings, utilising CRS systems such as Galileo and Amadeus, and supervising and organising staff.
  • Suitable workplaces include: hotels and other accommodation venues, travel agencies, tourism information centres and tour booking agencies. You will need a workplace supervisor to verify that you can perform specific tasks to the required standard.
  • You will also need to video certain practical assessment tasks so need access to a digital video recording device and associated software to save and upload video and image files. Many mobile phones and smart phones include this technology in an easy-to-learn format.
  • Complete details of the requirements of the workplace are available in the Workplace Assessment Guide.

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Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management