Diploma of International Business

Diploma of International Business a practical course designed by industry specialists.
Diploma of International Business – graduates obtain a practical understanding of international business and marketing theory to apply to a wide range of functions and tasks allowing students to move straight into employment after completion of the course.

Diploma of International Franchise Business Industry

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Our industry insights and connections ensure students acquire current industry skills and training.
Graduates of this course will be sought after as entry level managers by any firm that is internationally active and the institutions they collaborate with, including exporters, global consumers, manufacturers, financial service providers and travel and tourism operators.

A practical course designed by industry specialists

The Diploma of International Business provides business owners and employees with the practical knowledge needed to succeed on the international stage, delivered by teachers currently employed in industry and covers very specialised areas such as customs, dangerous goods and licences. This course will enhance students understanding of international trade and finance, market segmentation and analysis, strategic planning and forecasting.
Once completed, students can go on to further study the Bachelor of Business.

Diploma of International Business -Duration

Full-time: 6 months
Course duration comprises of up to 17 weeks tuition.

Diploma of International Business – Course content

  • Business Statistics
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Principles of Economics
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Management in Organisations
  • Business Law
  • Professional Communications

Program Objectives

To provide graduates the skills and real-world knowledge and perspective necessary to meet the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving international business arena.
To provide graduates a working knowledge of all areas of international business.


Export activities need to be conducted by trained and knowledgeable personnel and managers, so a person trained in matters of international business and trade can expect to achieve a good job, security and respect. This study and training also provides routes into a wide range of marketing, product development, logistics and many other fields and career areas. Related studies and studies in similar fields are provided by Academic Program, allowing room for further knowledge and understanding of this important and interesting subject and related areas.