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Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management

Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management

Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management this qualification reflects the role of individuals who use a broad range of managerial skills and sound knowledge of industry operations to coordinate holiday park and resort operations which may include marketing and product development activities. They operate independently, have responsibility for others and make a range of operational business decisions.

This qualification provides a pathway to work as a business manager or owner-operator of a holiday park or resort.

Possible job titles include:

  • manager
  • operations manager
  • park manager

Working professionals across the hospitality industry recognize the need to sharpen their analytical skills and gain a wider strategic view if they hope to assume a larger managerial role in the industry. Like many areas of the private sector, hospitality companies continue to see change and disruption as established brands seek more market share and emerging lodging brands, restaurant groups, entertainment companies and technology platforms try to identify and claim niche markets.

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Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management

This course contains 39 units  *** Courses are in English 

17 units must be completed: Please select your units. | Total cost 940 Euro
  1. Write complex documents 
  2. Develop and manage quality customer service practices
  3. Manage conflict
  4. Interpret financial information
  5. Manage finances within a budget
  6. Prepare and monitor budgets
  7. Lead and manage people
  8. Monitor work operations
  9. Establish and conduct business relationships
  10. Implement and monitor work health and safety practices

Accommodation Services - Front Office

  1. Sell tourism products and services 
  2. Prepare quotations
  3. Process travel-related documentation
  4. Use a computerised reservations or operations system

Administration and Communication

  1. Manage meetings 
  2. Make a presentation

Environmental Sustainability | Finance​ | Franchising​

  1. Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
  2. Process accounts payable and receivable
  3. Prepare financial reports
  4. Establish a franchise
  5. Manage relationship with franchisor
  6. Manage a franchise operation

Human Resource Management | Inventory

  1. Manage diversity in the workplace
  2. Roster staff
  3. Recruit, select and induct staff
  4. Monitor staff performance
  5. Control stock

Management and Leadership

  1. Manage operational plan
  2. Develop and implement a business plan
  3. Manage risk
  4. Undertake small business planning
  5. Manage projects

Marketing and Public Relations

  1. Profile the market
  2. Conduct e-marketing communications
  3. Market the small business
  4. Create a promotional display or stand
  5. Plan and implement sales activities
  6. Coordinate marketing activities
  7. Develop and implement marketing strategies