Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management

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franchise industry qualification resort management

Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management

Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management this qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a broad range of managerial skills underpinned by a range of operational competencies chosen as electives. The qualification reflects the role of individuals who possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialised, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate the work of their team or themselves.

Job roles-Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management

Individuals with this qualification are able to work as a senior departmental manager, manager or owner-operator of a business. Some managers at this level will specialise in certain fields such as operations or marketing and product development roles.

Possible job titles include:

  • Park manager
  • Operations manager
  • Manager
  • Small business owner-operator small business

Employability Skill 

Industry /enterprise requirements for this qualification include :


Negotiating and liaising with a broad range of colleagues and customers on operational and service issues; consulting with others to elicit feedback and ideas; providing briefings to operational staff and other managers; consulting with team members about OHS issues; developing and maintaining workplace documentation such as operational procedures, staff-related documentation or reports.


Motivating and leading diverse teams; providing support and coaching; planning work operations to take account of team member strengths; taking a lead role in agreeing and establishing work team goals.


Developing and applying a range of strategies to address both typical and unpredictable workplace problems; responding effectively to a wide range of operational issues requiring immediate resolution; working with colleagues to develop practical solutions; monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of solutions based on operational experience.

Initiative and enterprise 

Generating options and ideas to address different workplace challenges; developing ideas about ways to improve operations and services; encouraging team members to be innovative; using knowledge of current and emerging industry and marketplace trends to inform work practices.

Planning and organising 

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of leaders and managers in the context of the overall organisation; communicating goals, strategies and outcomes to team members; monitoring and evaluating plans, procedures and systems, including timelines and resources; actively participating in continuous improvement processes.


Understanding the legal and compliance framework that affects those working in the industry; maintaining general and technical knowledge to inform work practices.


Proactively maintaining and updating knowledge of industry trends and practices; being aware of industry professional development opportunities; supporting team members to learn.


Assessing, selecting and applying technologies to support workplace operations and planning; understanding the operating capacity of different technologies, including emerging technologies used to support operations; supporting skill development required by new technologies.

Due to the high proportion of electives required by this qualification, the industry requirements described above for each employability skill are representative of the tourism industry in general and may not reflect specific job roles. Learning and assessment strategies for this qualification should be based on the requirements of the units of competency for this qualification.

Diploma of Holiday Park and Resort Management