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Franchise Certification – Course details | Business 

  • Franchise Certification – Manage compliance with franchisee obligations and legislative requirements           
  • Establish a franchise
  • Manage relationship with franchisor
  • Address customer needs
  • Report on financial activity
  • Work within a franchise
  • Develop teams and individuals
  • Undertake marketing activities
  • Establish networks

Franchise Certification | Business

Franchise Certification is to enhance the professionalism of franchising by certifying the highest standards of quality training and education.

Description – Business 

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in relation to the franchising industry. They may act as a franchisee in any industry area and have managerial responsibilities for the franchise and the relationship with a franchisor.

Employability Skills Summary

The following table contains a summary of the Employability Skills required by industry for this qualification. The Employability Skills facets described here are broad industry requirements that may vary depending on qualification packaging options.

Employability Skill

Industry/enterprise requirements for this qualification include:


  • communicating the organisation’s business practices systems and processes to individuals and teams
  • negotiating and resolving disputes with franchisors


  • forming networks of franchisees to inform best practice
  • using systems and strategies to actively encourage the team to conduct franchise business processes


  • developing strategies for compliance with franchisee obligations and legislative requirements
  • solving problems and disputes arising in the course of business operations and with franchisors

Initiative and enterprise

  • exercising initiative to contribute to continuous improvement
  • generating a range of options to overcome common operational difficulties

Planning and organising

  • developing a financial plan to support business viability
  • planning for the management of a multiple site franchise by implementing and monitoring the plan


  • obtaining feedback on work performance and development
  • planning own work schedules


  • completing training on meeting franchisee requirements such as first aid, occupational health and safety, food handling
  • mentoring and coaching individuals and teams in continuous improvement processes


  • using computer systems and telecommunications devices to meet business needs and to compile activity and financial reports
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