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Certificate in Retail Management

Certificate in Retail Management

Certificate in Retail Management - this qualification reflects the role of individuals who lead a frontline team and manage day-to-day operations of a retail store or department to implement and deliver on organisational objectives and standards. These individuals possess a range of highly developed selling and customer engagement skills with sound knowledge of product and service offerings. They work with independence, taking responsibility for their own functions and outputs. This qualification provides a pathway to work in a diverse range of retail settings including speciality retailers, supermarkets, department stores, and quick service restaurants. Individuals with this qualification are able to perform roles such as store manager, department manager and assistant store manager.

Certificate in Retail Management

Job roles - Certificate in Retail Management

Individuals with this qualification are able to perform roles, such as:

  • Manage a small to medium sized retail store group or franchise outlet
  • Manage an independent retail store
  • Manage a business-to-business outlet
  • Departmental or section management in a retail or business-to-business enterprise
  • Functional management roles, such as merchandise management
  • Manage an inside or outside sales team in a business-to-business company.

Possible job titles  - Certificate in Retail Management

  • Department manager
  • Merchandise manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Shift manager
  • Small business retail owner
A day in the life of.....

As an electrical goods store manager, John is responsible for the daily operational needs of his store, for input into the long-term store plans and for maintaining contact with his Regional Manager. John liaises with and delegates to his assistant manager and also monitors the completion of store tasks on a daily and weekly basis.

He is accountable for maintaining the store consistent with company standards and within legislative requirements, and for developing and implementing appropriate contingency plans to manage any situations that arise.

John has to be very self-directed, as he is not closely supervised in his role, and he is further refining his retail management skills.

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Certificate in Retail Management  contains 15 units

11 units must be completed | Please select your units. | Total cost 585 Euro

 UNITS TO BE STUDIED ARE ( *** Courses are in English) :

  1. Monitor retail store financials
  2. Create a customer-centric culture
  3. Maintain employee relations
  4. Lead a frontline team
  5. Maintain store security
  6. Achieve sales results
  7. Maintain workplace safety
  8. Coordinate implementation of customer service strategies
  9. Roster staff
  10. Implement operational plan
  11. Work with diverse people
  12. Manage promotional activities
  13. Coordinate visual merchandising activities
  14. Manage small business finances
  15. Develop the retail frontline