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Advanced Diploma of Business

Advanced Diploma of Business

Advanced Diploma of Business - Course duration 52 weeks

Advanced Diploma of Business this qualification reflects the varied roles of individuals across different industry sectors who apply a broad range of competencies using some discretion, judgment and relevant theoretical knowledge. They may provide technical advice and support to a team.

Employment Pathway

Advanced Diploma of Business is intended to the role of individuals with significant experience in a senior administrative role who are seeking to develop expertise across a wider range of business functions.
Employment outcomes targeted by this qualification include Senior Administrator an d Senior Executive.

The Advanced Diploma of Business  will prepare you for a senior business role by providing you with a solid foundation through developing essential strategic leadership skills across a broad range of business functions, including organisational change, marketing, business and strategic plans, HR planning and finances. You will learn to analyse, design and execute decisions with considered business judgement. This is suited to those looking to begin careers in the following roles:

  • Executive Manager or Director
  • Manager, Human Resources (Strategy)
  • Senior Administrator
  • Senior Executive

Advanced Diploma of Business  Course Duration

This course is delivered online over a duration of 12-18 months. 

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Advanced Diploma of Business  contains 6 units - 350 Euro 

 UNITS TO BE STUDIED ARE ( *** Courses are in English) :

  1. Manage human resources strategic planning - ( This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop, implement and maintain a strategic approach to managing human resources in an organisation ensuring that the organisation has the structure and staff to meet current and foreseeable business and performance objectives.It applies to individuals employed as human resource managers after a firm grounding has been established in a range of human resource activities.)
  2. Lead and manage organisational change - (  This unit describes skills and knowledge required to determine strategic change requirements and opportunities; and to develop, implement and evaluate change management strategies. It applies to managers with responsibilities that extend across the organisation or across significant parts of a large organisation. They may have a dedicated role in human resources management, human resources development, or work in a strategic policy or planning area.The unit takes a structured approach to change management and applies to people with considerable work experience and organisational knowledge.)
  3. Contribute to organisation development - ( This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the creation of an organisation development plan which ensures that the organisation will become more effective over time in achieving its goals.It applies to individuals with organisation wide responsibilities who are critically involved in shaping and focussing the organisation so that it can adapt to new technologies, challenges and markets.)

  4. Develop a marketing plan - ( This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to research, develop and present a marketing plan for an organisation. It applies to individuals working in senior marketing positions who are responsible for formulating a marketing plan by developing specific marketing strategies and tactics in accordance with the organisation’s overall marketing objectives. Individuals operating at this level may receive input from people working under their supervision who collect information required to devise specific marketing strategies and tactics.)
  5. Manage finances- ( This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to undertake budgeting, financial forecasting and reporting and to allocate and manage resources to achieve the required outputs for the business unit. It includes contributing to financial bids and estimates, allocating funds, managing budgets and reporting on financial activity. It applies to individuals who have managerial responsibilities which include overseeing the management of financial and other resources across a business unit, a series of business units or teams, or an organisation. It covers all areas of broad financial management. In a larger organisation this work would be supported by specialists in financial management.)
  6. Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability - ( This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop and implement a workplace sustainability policy and to modify the policy to suit changed circumstances. It applies to individuals with managerial responsibilities who undertake work developing approaches to create, monitor and improve strategies and policies within workplaces and engage with a range of relevant stakeholders and specialists.)